Festiva Resort Members Section Registration

The Members section of the Festiva website has been established to provide information and services to Festiva Members Only. The Management of Festiva has established Security Guidelines and Protocols to safeguard and protect all information that may be accessed, stored or transmitted between a Festiva Member and the offices of Festiva while utilizing this Members Section. The Security Guidelines and Protocols to successfully complete the registration process are outlined below and include the following:

  • A Festiva Member will be required to supply a valid email address. This email address must be unique and can be registered to one (1) Festiva Member only.
  • A Festiva Member Account must be registered prior to receiving certain services provided in the Members Section.  A Festiva Member will be required to provide the Owner ID and Validation Key for all Festiva Owner Contacts that they wish to register for these services.
  • The User Name and Email Address will be associated with all Festiva Owner Contracts that are registered during the Member Registration process.


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